The Most Expensive Luxury Painting Art on Amazon


Have you ever wondered how the other half lives? So have we. As an avid amazon shopper, we wondered if the crazy rich every get there luxury items for the site. One such product that we decided to look at was paintings. We were very curious to find the most expensive paintings on amazon.

Most expensive painting on amazon

1977 Painting by William Tillyer 108″x60″ (9’x5′)

Egyptian couple painting

These two painting are the most expensive high end paintings that we could find available to buy on amazon. The price is really unbelievable. (You need to click the pictures to view the price) If I saved my whole entire life, I don’t think I would be able to afford either of these. I wonder what type of jobs somebody must have to be able to spend that much money on a painting. Talk about live the luxury life. We can all dream though!