Most Expensive Laptop on Amazon


We’re always curious to see how the other half lives. Prices on everyday items are truly out of this world and we can’t believe the astronomical prices some people are paying for things. One such item that garnered our curiosity is computers, more specifically laptops! I was very curious to find the most expensive laptop on amazon. You won’t believe the price when you see it!

So, what is the most expensive laptop on amazon?

MSI GT75 TITAN 4K-071 Pro Extreme (i9-8950HK, 64GB RAM, 4TB NVMe SSD + 1TB HDD, NVIDIA GTX 1080 8GB, 17.3″ UHD, Windows 10 Pro) VR Ready Gaming Notebook

This is hands down the most expensive laptop on amazon (click on the picture to see the price). That is a crazy high price. I bought my last laptop for $500, and at the time it seemed like a fortune. This thing probably put’s mine to shame as it looks like an ultra sleek high end and fast piece of technology. I can’t even fathom how much money somebody must have to make to even be able afford this mammoth.

This one is definitely out of my reach, but we can all dream, right?