Most Expensive Computer on Amazon


We’re always curious to see the crazy prices on luxury items that we can’t afford. One product that people must spend thousands on are computers. So we’re got a little curious to find the most expensive computer on amazon. You won’t believe the ridiculously high price some people are paying.

So what is the most expensive computer on amazon?

ADAMANT 18X-Core Liquid Cooled Workstation Desktop PC Intel Core i9-7980XE 2.6GHz ASUS DELUXE 128Gb DDR4 2x 1TB NVMe Samsung 960 EVO SSD 10TB HDD 1000W PSU Nvidia GeForce GTX TITAN V 12Gb

I cannot believe the price (you need to click to view). That is more than I paid for my last car. My computer must feel like it’s in the stone age compared to this high tech mammoth. I couldn’t even afford this if I save money for a whole entire year. What kind of jobs are people getting that they can afford this expensive luxury computer? I must have majored in the wrong area in college. All jokes aside, this is crazy expensive, but it must be a great high end computer, if people are buying it.