Cheapest Disposable Plates


cheapest-paper-platesDisposable plates are perfect for gatherings and events. They are easy to clean up, making hosting and cleaning up parties a breeze. When shopping for disposable plates you want a quality plate that is sturdy and affordable. Here will take a look at some of the cheapest disposable plates.

So, what are the Cheapest Disposable Plates?

Chinet 10 3/8 Dinner Plate 100-count Box

When it comes to the cheapest disposable plates you’ll be hard pressed to find a better value than the Chinet 10/38 Dinner Plate 100-count pack. These are about as affordable as it gets when it comes to disposable plates. They come 100 in pack with each plate measuring approximately 10.375 inches. These plates are extra durable, and microwave safe, making them a great choice for cheap disposable plates. This is our number one pick, because they are so affordable. They also sell a variety of other shapes and sizes of plates, making it worth checking out.

Dixie (15420) Ultra Paper Plates, 44 Count, Dinner Size (10 1/16 Inches) Disposable Plates; Designs May vary

Another great option when it comes to disposable plates is the ever classic Dixie Ultra Paper Plates. They are a little more expensive than some other options on the market, but Dixie makes heavy duty plates, for those that love durability. This pack has 44 plates in it which each measure approximately 10 1/16 Inches. Dixie plates are a great option when it comes to the cheapest paper plates, which is why we had to include them on the list!