AmazonBasics Medicine Ball Review

Amazon has quietly been producing their own affordable versions of all sorts of different products. One industry they have set there eyes on is the fitness industry, or more specifically: …

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Most Expensive Computer on Amazon

We’re always curious to see the crazy prices on luxury items that we can’t afford. One product that people must spend thousands on are computers. So we’re got a little …

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Most Expensive Laptop on Amazon

We’re always curious to see how the other half lives. Prices on everyday items are truly out of this world and we can’t believe the astronomical prices some people are …

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Where to Buy Cheap Medicine Balls

If you’ve never tried medicine ball training, you need to add it to your workouts immediately. Medicine ball training can help you bust through your plateaus with dynamic explosive movements …

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Where to Buy Cheap Kettlebells

Slowly exercise programs have been changing as science has shown the benefits of explosive dynamic movements for overall strength and fitness. One of the pieces of gym equipment at the …

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Where to Buy Cheap Fuzzy Socks

Nothing beats the feel of cozy warm fuzzy socks wrapping your feet on a cold winter night. Everyone loves the soft luxurious feel of a quality pair of fuzzy socks. …

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Cheap Knee High Socks

Knee high socks are comfortable and fashionable. Some outfits go perfect with a good pair of knee high socks. Some brands are pretty expensive in terms of price, so we …

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